#87 – 6211 – 055 -   Full size 120 Bass “Crucianelli” Accordian / Accordion. Treble keyboard is 19.25” This instrument is a 4 / 5 reed piece. Has 7 treble switches and 2 combination bass switches. The lower front panel where treble switches are located was damaged and fixed. Cosmetic only – does not effect sound or performance. Some of the keys may need tuning. The “Crucianelli” was built by “Pancordion Inc” which was one of the better manufacturers. This accordion is a dry tuned instrument. Comes with hard case.

Unit is located in White Rock, British Columbia, Canada – 3 miles from Blaine, Wash – next to I-5 freeway. Call Al at 206-227-6673 or 604-813-5500

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Price: $950.00

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