#88 – 6187 – 0063 – Full size  120 Bass “Carlovox” Accordian / Accordion . Treble keyboard is 18”. This instrument is an electric plus 4 /5 reed piece. Has 6 treble switches, 7 electronic tone switches and 4 bass switches. The 6 treble switches are Bassoon, Clarinet, Master, Melodian, Mussette & Close. The 7 electronic switches are Flute, Horn, Clarinet, Sax, Trumpet, Obbe & Strings. Needs Amp for electric playing (Amp not included)  Comes with foot volume control along with electric hook-up. The shoulder straps are 2.5” wide and very good along with a nice chest pad. Very clean and very nice accordion. Comes with hard case. .

Unit is located in White Rock, British Columbia, Canada – 3 miles from Blaine, Wash – next to I-5 freeway. Call Al at 206-227-6673 or 604-813-5500


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Price: $1,250.00

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