#84 – 5703 – 00501 - 1920's cast iron cook stove from the good old prairies. This stove is a "McClary's" and is very nice. There is white enamel porcellaine on it  that has some bumps and bruises but for the most part is pretty good.  The nickle plating is weathered and would need to be replated to make new looking again. I tryed to show as much as I could in all the pictures. Burning box is not burnt out. This stove burns wood or coal. Nice stove pipe with a damper built in (called fuel saver).  Has a water reservoir at end that has been replaced with a copper tank - don't know if it leaks or not. Unit has a nice upper warming oven with a good working door. I was told that this stove is a 1922 model but I have no way of corroberating this. The base is sturdy and sound.  On the very top, there is a small corner molding missing. If you didn't know about it you wouldn't even notice. The working top  of the stove is nice. Not all rusted. One round iron lid has a heat crack. Comes with the original lid-lifter. Diamentions are 49" wide x 30" deep x 64" high. Shipping weight is 750 lbs.

Unit is located in White Rock, British Columbia, Canada – 3 miles from Blaine, Wash – next to I-5 freeway. Call Al at 206-227-6673 or 604-813-5500




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Price: $2,750.00

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