#80 – 6150 - 0002    Solid Steel roller that is approx 36” dia x approx 7’-0” long. The weight is very heavy – my guess about 5000 lbs. This roller is one of 12 (some being a little smaller) that originated From “Akers International” inSweden. These rollers are brand new still in the original shipping crates. These rollers were being shipped fromSwedentoKorea, somehow going throughCanadianPortofVancouver. These were all seized by Canadian Customs (why I don’t know) and were sold through government recovery auction where I purchased them. The steel used in these rollers are of the most top grade there is. You just tap them with a metal object and they have a high pitch ring to them.  These rollers were made for rolling and forming metal. I am open to offers. .

Unit is located in White Rock, British Columbia, Canada – 3 miles from Blaine, Wash – next to I-5 freeway. Call Al at 206-227-6673 or 604-813-5500



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Price: $2,500.00

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